Website for Nutrition Wizard

March 14, 2016

In our society, good eating habits are difficult to maintain. Fast food and processed meals have become a thing of habit, which Nutrition Wizard is aiming to fix. In an effort to restore good eating habits and the wellness they provide, the company launched a series of workshops to inform and educate children on the benefits and principles of proper, healthy nutrition.

The website development project for this company was aimed to produce an efficient, attractive promotional platform where visitors would learn about the company’s courses and programs and could easily contact Nutrition Wizards and get on board with them.

The product of the company being educational workshops for children, we have decided to create a site that projects a feeling of playful joy. Images of kids playing and learning are highlighted in vivid colours, combining blue, purple, green and orange for a perfectly happy atmosphere. The animated sections catch the eye, entertain and generally making the website look and feel appealing.

The end result is a site that serves as a perfect promotional platform for the workshops. It provides all the necessary information, piques the visitor’s curiosity and leads them through a well planned conversion funnel to a Call to Action button to contact the company and get on board with a workshop of their choice..