Website design for New Awakenings Rehab Centre

January 28, 2015

New Awakenings is a center of healing and rehabilitation that focuses on creating a wellness-promoting environment for every one of its clients. The center de-emphasizes the medical aspect of the rehabilitation process, focusing on the much-needed inner peace that many people lack dearly. It is a care facility with a 5 Star Resort atmosphere, which is exactly what we decided to portray in the web layout.


The primary emphasis of this web development project was on establishing and maintaining a feeling of calm, ease and freedom in the entire user experience. We researched their main competitors as well as different approaches that are practiced in the field in order to establish a unique, yet strong style that conveys the company’s message to every visitor.

Smooth lines, curly fonts and the emphasis on picturesque nature landscapes were our primary design choices. The color contrasts were kept to a defined yet soft minimum. The visual impact is further smoothed by the use of slide-in picture frames and other animations that promote the dreamy feel of a place that has the peace of mind people are looking for.

The result is a website that acts as a virtual foyer, or entry hall, to the SPA experience offered by New Awakenings and their dedicated staff. A place where everyone can find their inner peace and awake into a new beginning.