Website design for SALT IT PROVIDER

January 10, 2016

SALT is a company that offers its clients a set of exceptional solutions for home, enterprise, and office needs, including cloud services, software development and support, and much more. The no-nonsense attitude of the company is reflected in the hi-tech appearance of the website’s layout, which focuses on functionality and smooth running.

The visual elements near the top of the main page are elegant and animated, with a strong copper-yellow font face creating a great contrast with the grey backgrounds. The rest of the site is mainly comprised of white and grey contrasts and primarily focuses on content delivery.

The research stage of this project mainly focused on the company’s competitors as well as their existing and target clientele. The goal was to create a site that combines the qualities of an efficient information source and an even more efficient marketing funnel where every page leads to a call to action button or contact form.

The result is a site that addresses serious clients in an appropriately serious manner, driving them to the point of sale in an assertive yet professional manner. Everything is clear, the information is segmented into subtopics and services, and as a result, the user experience is absolutely seamless. An appropriate tribute to a company that offers digital solutions to its clients.