Website for Lev Lending

June 22, 2016

Lev Lending specializes in assisting thousands of customers across Ontario with the purchase of New and Used Vehicles, Home Loan Financing and Private Loans with our streamlined and hassle free approach to get fast approvals for all your financing needs.

Building a Name by Building an Image

This web design and development project focuses on emphasizing the connection between the user and the sought-after asset, whether it is a car or a home. It invites visitors to approach things from the standpoint of a family. Vehicle financing, for example, has become a popular practice in recent years and a company needs to stand out in the emergent competitive market. More and more companies offer financing solutions for housing as well, strengthening this need further. Those were the guiding principles as we were developing this site.

Speaking the Client’s Language

The website we have decided to create for Lev Lending uses crisp, inviting imagery with abundant green backgrounds, and icons that speak to families everywhere. It uses clear-cut separations between sections and sharp, easy to read text. We made absolutely sure the website is perfectly responsive and can be easily checked from any mobile device.

Careful Guidance through Every Step

The information architecture on this website is simple but carefully thought-through and works as a marketing funnel, introducing the user to the service in an inviting, friendly way. Every User Experience channel on this site leads to a contact form, making it easy for the user to find the help they need. This site is the epitome of ease of use, and therefore a perfect first impression for a company that’s there to make people’s lives easier.