Website for Business Headshot

June 14, 2016

The original website for this Toronto photography studio was in need of a significant face-lift. As its name suggests, the company specializes in headshots for business professionals. We created a modern new website that simplifies the experience of booking a photo session by integrating sophisticated booking functionality with a clean, responsive design that is consistent across all platforms.

The site features large headshot photos that add to the firm’s credibility by showcasing both its work and its clients. The simple, one-page design, allows users to easily navigate the site. Advanced filtering tools make it easy for clients to quickly choose from four different service packages and complete the conversion by booking their own appointments on a large, easy-to-read custom calendar.

Today’s online consumers expect speed and simplicity. We made it easy for customers to complete an online booking across all devices, with an optimal viewing experience on mobile devices.

We created landing pages for each service package to help drive conversions by providing customers with more detail about each service along with customer testimonials, and a clear call-to-action.

The custom booking calendar has a pop-up feature that allows customers to choose the time and options for their service package, and complete a simple, secure form for their contact information. Once they have completed the booking, customers receive a confirmation email with the details of their purchase.

The self-serve functionality of the different service options is front-and-centre and provides a pleasant user-experience for clients by helping them quickly make a decision and book the services they need. The result has been a very high converting website.