Website for Excelsior Homes

February 11, 2016

Excelsior Homes constructs unique, high-end residences throughout the GTA. They turned to Convergine for a website that would be as unique and high-end as their creations.


No two Excelsior homes are alike, so we felt their website should be unlike any other, as well. We created a completely unique, custom design that would showcase Excelsior’s homes and reflect the company’s blend of classic and contemporary. By combining a traditional web layout with modern functionality, we made it easy for users to navigate the site while at the same time presenting them with a unique online experience.


To reflect the elegance of Excelsior homes, we opted for a minimalistic website design. The neutral backdrop draws the eye to the gold logo and the photographs showcasing the company’s work. We also stylized the E in the company’s name and motto (Exclusive. Elegant. Exceptional.) as a simple yet eye-catching detail, much like the ones found in their houses.


Quality shows. That’s why Excelsior Homes uses only top name brands and above-standard materials, and that’s why we ensured their website had professionally written user-friendly content and professionally taken high-resolution photographs. Content is king online, so just as Excelsior highlights their designs with high-end finishes, we complemented our web design with expert text and images. Additional details like the background sketch or the framed photos on the Galleries page further reflect the company’s luxurious brand.