Website Design for

Game On Glove

May 16, 2017

Project Goals and Challenges

Designed for hardcore fans and sports lovers, the Game On Glove product positions itself as an ultimate game viewing experience enhancer. As an accessory that has in-your-face qualities and a bombastic presence, the website also has to be bold, big and exciting.

Primary Purpose –
Sell, Sell, Sell

The Game On Glove website is, first and foremost a promotional and sales platform. It offers its products in five primary categories, which are the first thing a visitor sees on the website’s main page, simple and clear, with high resolution images of each category.

Get Your Glove On, And Get In The Game! Choose Yuor Sport.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Once past the main page, the user gets to choose specific products within the category of his choice. The images are big, vivid and impressive, demonstrating the gloves in the most appealing manner. The enticing presentation is then followed by an easy to follow check out process.

Colors and Layout

The combination of red and blue with larger than life headings makes the site content stand out, almost shout out to the user, much like people shout during a game. The whole set of visual choices is meant to be big, bold and bombastic, guaranteeing the buyer an amazing experience.

Sections By Personal Preference

Every user enjoys a perfectly personalized shopping process. Each product display page is based on their choices of product and team, showing exactly what they’re after. Products and categories have minimal verbiage, proving again that less is more, and focusing on what’s important – the sale.

The End Game

The entire process is exciting and intuitive, making the site a perfect commercial tool, sharpened towards the end result. In the world of electronic commerce – this team is a clear winner.