Mobile Website for Benson Mortgages

October 21, 2016

Basement Bro is a complete basement restoration, renovation and finishing company. They offer a full range of repair, design and building services.

Pacing in rhythm with the new age of mobile browsing, Benson Mortgages, a company with a reputation of advanced, flexible and approachable professional, decided to go the extra mile in their presence in the digital field and got a new mobile version for their website. Nowadays it is not sufficient to have a simple responsive website. A specialized, custom designed page layout specifically for mobile devices is an absolute must. The result is a sleek, modern and extremely user friendly experience.
We took the company’s original colours and applied them in a clever way so as to make the elements stand out better on a smaller screen. Reducing the empty white spaces a smaller mobile screen can’t really afford to waste was the first step. The buttons are large, high contrast and positioned in a way that reminds less a of website and more of a mobile application, which is the logical layout for a mobile device, and the most current trend of modern web.
The information is condensed and presented in a clean-cut, well structured manner, giving the user most of the essentials and leaving out things that may be clarified or read up on the full website later. When users read and browse on the fly, there’s no time for anything but the most important things. And yet, the site is still data packed, with all the website’s sections neatly arranged in a clean, well structured slide-in menu. To top it all, every page sports a call to action button, yellow on a blue background for extra emphasis. A superb mobile experience by all accounts.