Mobile Website for BasementBro

March 28, 2016

Basement Bro is a complete basement restoration, renovation and finishing company.
They offer a full range of repair, design and building services.

In a world where more and more users browse from mobile devices, it is imperative to have a specialized mobile layout, especially in certain lines of business. This website is a highly accurate marketing tool with incorporated social media panels, Request a Quote and Call buttons for immediate contact with the company, and a convenient slide-in menu of service pages and additional info.
The company’s logo is displayed near the top, adjacent to buttons: menu, call, location, and email. The top screen is underlined with a wide, bold Request a Quote button that user’s can’t miss. The use of black backgrounds and orange-black contrasts on buttons and text areas creates a layout that can be easily read from any mobile device in all lighting conditions, even in glaring daylight.
Each section of this mobile site has a central image. The images are kept at the lowest file size possible to increase loading speed, but are carefully chosen beautiful, dazzling displays of the company’s interior renovation work. This small touch increases conversions dramatically while keeping bounce rates at the very lowest minimum. Every page has a call to action button and a Call button on the top, for ease of contact, making it a perfect mobile marketing tool.