Web Application UX & UI

January 17, 2017

Client and project intro.


The Challenge

Creating a user interface and experience that organizes and conveys a large amount of soccer related statistic data in a manner that is easy to read and process by users.

The Solution

Following extensive research and analysis, the data was arranged into easy to access tables within a user friendly interface and crystal clear navigation system.


The information architecture for this type of site is the foundation on which the user experience and interface would be built. Therefore, the data had to first be broken down into different categories and subsets. The entire database had to be arranged by those data sets, the connections between them and the different users on the site, each placed into the hierarchy that would make sense to the user.


The user experience is directly derived from the previous stage, based on which a site tree was created, each section carefully wireframed. The user interface was built on top of that, creating a clear visual hierarchy on each page, putting emphasis on important elements using color contrasts, icons and sizes.


As the system was coming together we ran extensive usability tests to ascertain it functions as desired, allowing users to find the sought after information and get a good sense of it via graphic charts, tables and video fragments taken from live soccer games.


Once the testing stage was completed, a beta version of the app was released and tried by actual users in a live environment. Further weak points were discovered and weeded out, to reach a highly polished soccer analysis system perfect for its intended audiences.


The end result is a soccer data analysis application that achieves all of its purposes magnificently. The user gets access to all the information they need, laid out in a neat, clean and easy to navigate interface.

Description of achieved results for the business such as improved data management, streamlined planning and forecasting, faster reaction, better customer suport, optimized processes that saved company lots of manpower etc.

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