Digital Services and Solutions for
the Healthcare Industry

Convergine provides digital services and turn-key solutions that help healthcare and pharma businesses to deliver better patient care, optimize business processes, drive down cost, and increase overall engagement with patients through well-thought user experience design.

Digital Services

We offer healthcare and pharma companies technological/digital solutions and services like web and mobile app development, cloud services, integration services, e-commerce, and more. Our team offers a hands-on experience and skillset in services like:

UX and UI
Web and mobile development
Infrastructure Architecture
Support & Maintenance

Digital Solutions

Online Catalogs and E-Commerce
We design and create medical device catalogs that help businesses effectively convey information about their products, manage inventory, and increase sales.
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Telehealth & Telemedicine
Our team provides secure and convenient telehealth solutions that foster remote collaboration between healthcare providers and their patients.
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Healthcare CRM and Patient Portals
We modernize communication and care-delivering practices, improve patient satisfaction by securely collecting and managing their data. We develop user-friendly and feature-rich patient portals to streamline interactions between patients and healthcare providers.
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From EMR and EHR integrations to cloud services, marketing, and financial applications we help to build modern, secure, compliant digital infrastructures at scale.
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Analytics and data management
We provide tailored solutions for healthcare providers to manage and analyze their data and help them take advantage of the insights within the data to optimize performance.
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Custom applications
We develop custom applications for health-related services to enhance the patent care experience and maximize the quality of service.
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KEY BENEFITS of OUR digital solutions

For patients:

  • Improved patient care
  • Easy and fast 24/7 access to medical information and services 
  • Fewer medical errors
  • Claim fraud prevention
  • Minimized unnecessary expenses
  • Compliance with healthcare standards and regulations

For healthcare providers:

  • Efficient communication between patients and healthcare providers 
  • Extended reach to more customers
  • Optimized workflows and operational efficiency 
  • Improved data management and medical billing 
  • Steady patient monitoring
  • Increased patient loyalty and trust 

Who we deliver to:

HealthTech Providers
We equip health tech providers with digital solutions that will help them develop better products and services for healthcare providers and Pharma brands.
Medical Centers and Hospitals
We help medical centers in processes automation, digitalize communications, and leverage technology to deliver better patient care.
Labs and Pharma companies
We work with labs and pharmaceuticals to create digital solutions to optimize their operations, manage inventory more effectively and improve overall customer experience.
Manufacturers and Distributors
We help healthcare equipment manufacturers leverage new technology to optimize processes, streamline communications, adopt digital solutions to help them manage inventory and grow sales.
Medical Startups
We build digital solutions that help startups in the healthcare industry market their services effectively, connect with their target audience, and grow their brand successfully.

Why healthcare businesses
choose Convergine?

Decades of experience and healthcare expertise
Our team has been developing and implementing digital solutions to care providers, pharmacies, and other businesses in the healthcare industry for more than ten years.
Greater efficiency
Our solutions will help you streamline your business operations, reduce medical errors, improve patient care and customer satisfaction.
Customer-tailored solutions
We will work with you to understand your needs and deliver tailored solutions that will help you provide personalized patient care and bring the most value to each patient.
Maximum security
We integrate solutions that are compliant with global regulatory standards to ensure maximum protection from threats and attacks.
Research-driven approach
We offer researched-backed and tested digital healthcare solutions that maximize value for money.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Expertise and experience working with health providers
  • Customer-tailored approach
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Microsoft Gold and Silver Partner
  • Craft CMS Verified Partner
At LifeLabs, we wanted to build a secure and scalable custom shopping cart software that would allow our customers to make payments for different lab tests online. Convergine team has been fantastic to work with. Their expertise, professional approach, seamless communication and thorough understanding of our needs exceeded our expectations. They really became a trusted partner for our team.

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